August 4 Striped Curtains Panels for trendy decor Sidst udgivet den 04-08-2016

If you wish to create your own unique window treatments, you may be able to find different valance designs which help you to achieve your desired look. But you should have certain knowledge about how to make and how to stitch before creating the one. However, you will find the different window patterns, designs, style, and materials to create the Striped Curtains Panels with a nice look. Once you decided on the type of patterns and material and work the best for each type of design in order to match and to give the final decision.

Striped Curtains

Personalize your bedroom using Striped Curtains Panels

A window treatment plays a vital role in changing the look of your bedroom. Proper made Striped Curtains Panels which are not only alter the appeal but also add more personal feel to you room. One must look at the combing colors and matching shades of panels, and the use of fabric to match your current drapes of your window or make use of curtains which are made by yourself using your own art of making.

Screen panels are normally viable in solid shades, but using the different one will make your window more attractive. Your large bedroom is decorated using the earth stones theme then you must match the window treatments along with this theme. Since simply make use of simple panels with the shades of brown and blue in the suitable length and manner. This result can be used accompanying any 2 or 3 colors to obtain the stripped appearance.

Striped Curtains

Beautifying your bedroom is very easy with window treatments created by you using your own imagination. Blend the various colored dashboards to build a striped look, long curtains with fabric over the windows for an exciting result or draft your own valances for a customized window decoration. There is no other way of using creative styles which you can make by shopping over for fabrics or panels.

October 13 Design of curtains Sidst udgivet den 13-10-2015

Styles of curtains decide appearance of curtains. If your homes have French windows, you can choose long curtains, and you can also add artistic curtain rod and these can be simple and elegant. If you have bay window, you can choose Roman design curtains and this design use less material and have 3D effect, so they can save the room. If your windows are common, you can choose popular design and you can also use sheer curtains that can be elegant.

Different styles of curtains can give you different feelings. Living room can choose complicated and decorative curtains, bedroom can choose private curtains that are easy to be open and close, kitchen and toilet can choose simple and practical curtains that are easy to wash. Those excellent curtains are make up the shortcomings of the size of windows, you can choose curtains with different styles size to make your homes look more beautiful.

Modern Geometric Patterned Gray

Tips of choosing curtains

Tall and narrow curtains can choose short curtains that are wider than the windows; you can choose long curtains if your windows are wide and short. Curtain patterns should not be too complicates.

September 7 Blue curtain for home decor will be great change for your interior decoration Sidst udgivet den 07-09-2015

It is a the most happiness thing for us if we have a house in the city. Like someone says in the movie “bunkhouse”, it is amazing thing that we have a home in the city. If you are rich enough to afford a small apartment but you might find there is too small to you to live in in visual. To solve this problem, blue curtain is great help.

Small house is easy make people feel of oppression. Therefor, some light or comfortable decorations are necessary when doing home renovation with which making home brighter, such as a big glass wall or mirror in the room. Permeability and reflectivity to increase a sense of space in visual. Or hanging up some bright colored curtain such as blue curtain to create a sense of vastness feel like you ere standing in the sea.

Designer drapes curtains with Blended

Lots of people are prefer to blue. But keep in mind, no matter how much you like blue color, blue curtain must can fit all the decors which have already have, or blue curtain becomes an unnecessary item. Blue curtain do not work as well as what you were expecting to. Blue curtain is beautiful but can not effectively if there is nothing can go with it. (

Modern curtain is simple compare to the pass, both the design idea and curtain making are easier than the pass because people would to do everything in the easiest way. An unique blue curtain set can make a small room become bigger in visual. Moreover, blue curtain is good at privacy protection, nobody know what you are doing at home.

August 10 What is eco-friendly curtains Sidst udgivet den 10-08-2015

There is a kind of eco-friendly curtains in market, many people do not know what is eco-friendly curtains.


Firstly, eco-friendly. Eco-friendly curtains means that curtains do best at the aspect of eco-friendly. About eco-friendly, we will discuss its material. If you want to use eco-friendly thing, do not use natural material. Such as one-off chopsticks, although it is convenient, it is not eco-friendly. Our eco-friendly curtains use the latest nanotechnology without any addlngredient.

Secondly, price. Although eco-friendly curtains technique is good, some people must feel amazing, it must be expensive. In fact, it is not expensive at all. Please don't worry, it is a better choice to buy eco-friendly curtains.

Thirdly, practical. Eco-friendly curtains not only use the latest technique science to make so that do no bad effect to environment, but also is practical and convenient to use. Just hang on like common curtains. The most important is that you do not make hole on the wall.

You may know what is eco-friendly curtains. Go to choose eco-friendly curtains you like and make your life more beautiful and colorful.

August 6 Making method for biodegradable plastic Sidst udgivet den 06-08-2015

Biodegradable polymer. As PLA for a example, PLA is use lactic acid which is fermented by germ to be chemical synthesis to make. PLA can make excellent biodegradable fiber and film with excellent mechanical property. In recent years, scientists use high polymer material as raw material to make compound with polyhydroxy. These natural high polymer materials can take from Thanaka, starch or bagasse directly. These natural high polymer materials can be degraded by some biological enzyme and has excellent reactivity.

About photo-degradable high polymer materials, this kind of plastic is synthetic photo-biodegradable plastic, it adds much optical sensitization additives so that move absorbed light energy to polymer molecule so that make polymer can be easy to make photo-degradable activity. Sometimes, for making polymer can has biodegradable effect, it can be mixed up with little natural macromolecule, such as starch.

July 27 Thermal lined curtains-give you a warmer winter Sidst udgivet den 27-07-2015

You can change different curtains according to different seasons. In summer, you can hang on a blackout and insulated curtains. In winter, you should choose a thermal lined curtains. Its thick fabric has a good thermal function to keep warm for you. It also has various beautiful style so that can decorate your room well. It is a good choice to decorate your room and keep warm in winter.


July 13 Girls beadroom curtains-give you a princess dream Sidst udgivet den 13-07-2015

Girls bedroom curtains often use warm colors, such as pink, it is the favorite color of most girls. Cute pattern and sweet and warm color make the girls room more elegant and lively. It is a good choice to decorate a girl's bedroom. If your home has a little princess, you can choose a girls bedroom curtains to give her a sweet princess dream. It can make girls happier when they stay in her bedroom.


May 20 To choose appropriate curtains for your room Sidst udgivet den 20-05-2015

Adults of the bedroom is a place to rest, we must first consider opaque materials, even in the daytime needs to rest, you can also create a night atmosphere, easy to sleep. Color collocation also should consider the master's preferences, while the wall color and the coordination of furniture, can not be too messy or pale color.

The playful child's bedroom, to consider the children, the general choice of cartoon, with large flowers, colorful cloth, in the production also to consider the differences between boys and girls.

striped curtains

striped curtains

Library is a place to study, cloth must first consider not too bright, influence the reading of attention. At the same time, with the eyes, easy fatigue, so in the color to consider the nature of color, such as green, blue, creamy yellow, white and so on. The selection of the blind or vertical, rolling shutter is more suitable for the study environment.

Learned the above methods, I believe we know how to make up for the decoration of the regret, and go to buy the appropriate curtain!

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April 29 Elegant bedroom curtains in home furnishing Sidst udgivet den 29-04-2015

Bedroom drapes occupies a very important position in the Home Furnishing, is our place to rest and sleep, is a more intimate space for the living room. We in the design of the bedroom, must take into account their subjective feelings, the dress comfortable and elegant. We can design the bedroom space from the following aspects.

Because the bedroom clean an important, so we can put the bed in the bedroom of the position to design a 10 centimeters tall wooden platform, then the corresponding selection can not be too high when the bed bed. This will ensure that dust and debris and bed directly to maintain a high degree of a certain distance, and create a clean space for sleeping area. At the same time, we designed the wooden platform in order to highlight the beauty can also be selected according to different material is soft and warm wood materials.

Now the Chinese style decoration metropolitan into a part of the European style, we can in the bed part artificially decorate a circular window or false door, into the classical elements into European style will become more powerful and heroic.

bedroom curtains

bedroom curtains

For the Home Furnishing large-sized apartment, the bedroom area occupied by a very small, will give people a sense of oppression. Then we can live in a side of the bed on both sides of a plate, placed inside the bedside lamp. This will not only create a dreamy feeling, will extend from the psychological space of the bedroom.

For the large-sized apartment Home Furnishing, some of the best beds do not place tall furniture, which makes small bedroom space more crowded.

The bedroom is the main place of rest and relaxation, so the whole bedroom bed is in the center of the display. Then the other furniture or furnishings can only play a role in the background, so as to highlight the bed dim other furnishings, such as the design of the curtain to fresh and elegant but not complicated color publicity.

Home Furnishing soft decoration design, always occupy a large position, but also on the interior design style, plays a role of absolute. Soft decoration including bedding, tablecloths, sofa covers, carpets, curtains and so on. And the curtains, in the soft decoration, occupies a great part. Now Home Furnishing housing windows are generally excellent lighting, there are many landing curtains, so the area is relatively large, in the whole space, its color and shape, affect the overall harmonious and beautiful feeling.

According to Home Furnishing curtain style style, and the preferences of the owner, to achieve coordination, to add more beauty to the room, and reflects the owner's taste and artistic feeling. In general, the curtain is preferably transparent is good, there is a sense of elegant, and have some light to enter.